Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal alchemist

I sculpted this model in zbrush then i retopologized shaded and rendered it in blender.


Looks Awesome!

I always try to get a metal material like this, but I can never get it right. Any way you would share how you made it?

Sure, the node tree isnt very complicated ( it looks like a mess but it’s not complicated lol).
First of all i used 6k poliigon maps (because i knew i wanted to do a close up) then i combind difrent roughness maps (scratches smudges and all kinds of imperfections) in difrens scales so there wont be any repetition. Then i added edge damage.

Roughnes maps

all the maps were box projected.

default Principled BSDF

Edge Damage
all the node setup


Whelp, you’ve done a better job than the Netflix movie :slight_smile:


Best compliment i have ever read, thanks :star_struck:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I love this! Spot on proportions and great metal shading.

There’s just a minor detail bothering me, and it’s the plume. Its density and they way the strands fall detract from the otherwise great realistic look you achieved. I’m not sure if you’re open for advice but I hope this is also useful in future artworks.

For all intents and purposes the plume is a ponytail. It’d look more natural if it created a slightly rounder and gentler arc like this, had a flat circle base that gets increasingly rounder, and multiple parent particles fanning out:

The anatomy of a ponytail!

That’s it. Look at ponytail refs to get how the strands should overlap in general then add a couple of rogue strands in a slightly different arc radius yet flowing in the same flow direction to create an animeish-but-believable stylized look.

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Damn you really nailed the general proportions, bravo !

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Thank you! Sorry, I didn’t notice your reply earlier as I didn’t get a notification

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This looks great, amazing work.
The model is great, shot composition and shading are perfect.
You could add some welds and colorization due to heat to take it up a level.

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Very impressive. I do have a note … his eyes look like a flat solid object, while it’s actually a glowing light which is white in the center and becomes more redish towards the edges. I feel like you nailed the rest though. I might actually use this material as reference.