Alright, so I JUST need to make all the selected objects scale down individually.Look

Right, so when I select a ton of faces, I can extend them upwards yes?

Now here’s the problem, when I try and scale them down, it scales down towards one central point created by all of them

How do I get them to scale down individually.

I’m trying to make a ton of pins, and so I extend all the little squares upwards. And then scale them down individually but it always scales them down in one blob.

Try using Alt-S to scale instead of S.

Ahh…no luck

Normally if you want to extrude a lot of polygons at once and keep them separate you would use “Extrude Individual” (look at your toolbox on the left). Then you can use ALT-S to shrink them or, use the regular scale but set your pivot point to “Individual Origins”.

If that doesn’t help, could you perhaps attach an image of what you want objects/faces you want to scale?

…in Face mode.