Al's Toy Barn

Hey all!
this work is in it very early stages still, but anyhow, C&C would help me along.

see what you think.


impressive! looking really good! not much to crit that i can see. just keep adding those little detail i think

Heey, very nice there. The only thing I can think of is that the silo looks a bit too specular for brick. Ooh, and on a side note, try using the brick texture also as a very faint bump map, just to give it a little more dimension.

Only problem I see is the silo. It’s too specular and has no texture.

Your brick texture is good but maybe a little too suptle.

How did you create those 3D letters and the cow? they look subsurfed, but that doesn’t work with fonts or extruded shapes.

Thanks for the comments guys! I have made the tower less spec and added more details.
YogYog: i just used a ref, used a plain to make the shape of it then extruded it, then uv mapped it. same with the letters, only they arnt uv mapped. They are both subsurfed

Well here’s a bit of an update. new details, i headed to the comments and have tried my hardest, so yeh.

sorry no pic!:stuck_out_tongue: here:


The silo looks much better now.

Looking great! Maybe(asuuming your using AO) turn up the sampling a bit.
Texturing/modeling looking great!

Yeah, it’s really simple and clean. Nice job.

looks just like it!
well done!

Thanks alot guys! i think this project is near done. ur helps been great!:slight_smile: