ALT-Click Won't Select Loop?

Hi All,

I have a mesh that I created by applying an Array modifier to a cube (merge vertices enabled). I followed that up with a Curve modifier with the curve in the shape of a spiral. I applied both modifiers so now I have a mesh that appears to have valid quad loops. But when I try to select a loop using ALT-Click it does not work along the length of the mesh, only around the mesh as shown in the image.

Can someone take a look at my mesh and tell my why my loops are wrong? I assume if the loops are correct, ALT-Click will start working again.


268_spiral_one.blend (104 KB)

There are internal faces in the mesh.

In edge select mode, select non manifold edges (select menu) and X / delete faces

It’s full of interior faces. That’s the reason.

Meh. Too late.

Yeah, when you do an array modifier, you need to make sure you delet the face that would wind up as an interior face, Now you have to go through and delete them manually.

Ah, so I should use an open ended cube for my original object then I would just have to fill the ends after I apply the modifiers.