alt + middle botton = rotate?

(Titus) #1

Hi there!

After two years yesterday I boot Linux in my old Compaq presario notebook (Red Hat 6.2, this told you how old), it doesn’t display well Blender on Windows (many buttons doesn’t appear) so I tried to run it in Linux once again. I have several problems and really can’t remember these happen before but one problem at a time.

I can pan and zoom with shift + mmb and Ctrl + mmb, but when trying to rotate with Alt + mmb the program window resizes and moves over the screen, really weird. Do you know what is the problem?

Titus Maledetto.

(VelikM) #2

Try checking the key mapping for the ‘Alt’ key, you may have changed it for some other program and forgot about it. I personally never forget anything like that, errrr… at least that I can remember :wink:

(ectizen) #3

Are you sure you should be using Alt-MMB to rotate? Just plain old MMB without any modifier keys should rotate.

I think Alt-*MB clicks are handled by your window manager - well, they are for me in Redhat 7.2/Sawfish/Gnome (Alt-LMB moves a window, Alt-MMB displays the window manager system menu, Alt-RMB brings a window to front/sends a window to back)

(Titus) #4

ectizen: You’re right, I’m confusing the operation of a three-button mouse with a two-button mouse.

The other problem is the bad display in Windows, I know the Trident Cyberblade from my notebook is not a 3D graphic card but works well in Linux. This card comes with 2 MB memory and steals 2 or 6 more from RAM (is a Windows feature), is something I could do to improve the OpenGL performance? (buttons desappeared), to update drivers is not possible, the file from Trident’s site is the same that comes with my computer.