Altering Camera's Aspect Ratio?

Hey, there. I’m trying out a little project that requires me to write a picture from an in-game camera to the hard drive. I’m using PyPNG to write a PNG file out, and everything seems to be working really well. The problem I’m kind of running into is that the aspect ratio of the camera seems to be tied specifically to the aspect ratio the game engine starts with (the ratio of the width and height you enter into the Render tab’s Embedded Player section).

Is it at all possible to alter this ratio after the game’s been started, perhaps by changing the projection matrix? It’s not a HUGE deal if it can’t be done, but it would be nice if it were possible.

I’m sure the projection matrix allows to scale independent axis. This might result in the desired effect. I do not think you can influence the border that way as it is not part of the transformation.

camera.projection_matrix = camera.projection_matrix * scaleTransformation

Just make sure you not to scale it again ;).