alternative to putfile?

Any one know of a service like putfile that’s free but doesn’t take full rights to what you upload?

Quote from putfile terms of service:

  1. By uploading an image, video or other file to, users give permission for the owners of Putfile to publish any such files through any associated media channel or party. Users upload files to Putfile on condition that they release all rights to the image, and give full permission to Putfile and its associates to use and publish the image in any way they wish. No compensation will be payable for the uploaded file being used in any such way.

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if its for blender images then will be good.

otherwise Imageshak is a good website



I really hate that yellow frog from Imageshack. :smiley: I’d say use Photobucket.


Well, I was thinking of uploading a movie (about 12 Mb), but I’m really not ready to ‘give’ all of the rights to it away. Ridiculous notion me thinks.

It’s different for images and video, because video usually takes up far more space and bandwidth.

For video, there’s’s user contributed movies section, and (although I don’t know much about them or their terms of service) ourmedia and Google Video (one fan video was featured on Gmail’s front page by the Gmail team).

You can get 100 Mb of space at
No ads and few conditions.

Thanks everyone! I’m going to go with for now. If I ever make a big animation I might use

Now to tweak my little movie 8)