Alternative way to model a head ( study).

Hi all, its a little study to model a head from a sphere in blender, (Tutorial from book, Mastering Maya 3) it’s a sphere with de botton polys deleted, for mouth and the top sphere is top head. an little inclination and a litle work i can shape the sphere into a basic head shape.


After 1 hour.

A basic render

That is a pretty good way to do that! I have seen something similar to this in a 3DS Max book. Not quite sure what the advantages are but they might be better deformations in animation in some parts. Looks good! Maybe you should try some other ways to model a head too!

I like this method, looks fast and makes modeling a generic head easier. Could you break it down how you progressed form step 1 to step 2 ?

VERY COOL! I would love to see more on this modeling workflow as well.

truth be tiold it dont matter what you start from your topology will endup the same anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess the original tutorial for Maya uses the modelling work flow NURBS - polygon - Sub-D.

I am often using the same attitude to mimic this in Blender (where NURBS are very weak and limited). So shaping basic forms with subdivide body parts including loops and topology strategy. Then go back to polygon modelling. So I can confrim that this attitutede is very intuitive and artistic because it provdes high control over modelling proces. From basics to details.

Also this example is why some modeller still whines for NURBS :slight_smile: Rest in Peace NURBANA Blender project :-/

WOW you have to make tutorial \ well so we can model like this!

Tanks all for reply this metod is very fast to make good character heads, u can do variations over mesh with good results example, from first ( first image in this post) model char_001.blend I make other head in 25 min, with some mesh variations, see bellow.


littler render

I little time to fun with blender hair :slight_smile:

I don’t mind the quad-by-quad method like in the adrianna tutorial and such, it’s helped me to get comfortable with modelling organic forms/heads. After looking at this though I think I like this method better. The basic proportions can be easily set in place from start rather than waiting to lay them down as you work out from the nose. Very nice indeed. This is a method I’m gonna have to definitely learn.

This method gives a nice shape and topology to the back of the head, too. Definitely worth playing around with. Thanks, kataro-miamoto. You have some very nice looking heads on display here, especially considering they are fairly low poly meshes.

Wow again, better and better!

Thanks for this! It seems like it’s an easier way to get loops right as well - I’ve always had problems with that :slight_smile:

It reminds me of this head modeling tutorial:
I am trying to remember another one (in spanish) that also use sphere primitive as a starting point.
Creating the edge flow is easy…the hardest thing is to get the right proportions and features of the head. Good job!

As an extrude-from-single-plane modeler, this technique has unlocked something new for me.

  • Simple
  • blindingly fast
  • great for when I want to just make a head without reference for artistic fun.
    Thanks heaps for this.

I had been thinking of modeling in sculptmode and then redoing everything with retopo tool, but I think this way is much better because retopo loses things. Also, this way produces a way lower polycount than I normally get when extruding single edges… and it’s sooo expressive!

Here’s my first ever experiment with your method…

Most of the tediousness of extruding one edge at a time was to try and get half decent edgeloops, character shape took on secondary priority. But now, I think this has really unlocked something for me. At last I can quickly bash out a head mesh with useable edgeloops right away, and with half the effort of before.

Thank you. :smiley:

How about using camstudio to do a screencapture of this modelling technique it would be a nice tutorial type timelapse session.

I am a linux user how I can make a video tutorial ?

Excellent way to model a head. I didn’t try it fro myself yet but it seems very fast and intuitive. I think it give an overall sense of the proportions during all the modeling process.
I’d like to see some other details between the first two and the third screen of your process.
Good job

Wow this is new! I will be watching this to see how it progresses.

There are more, but I usually go with the ones with the nicest site.

I think that the crown of the head, is rad!