Am I a "Thread Killer"?

I keep noticing, every time I offer advice, or ask for advice, the thread I post on either goes unreplied, or my question or advice ignored. Am I a “Thread Killer”?

Couldn’t say that since i answered this thread:D.

And if u r a thread killer, then ill be the last to post on this tread…heheheheh :smiley:

your threads not dead yet :smiley:

The more i think about it, this thread wil lprobably be just as long as any other thread, if it makes u feel any better,lol :smiley:

I have no idea what makes you feel like that. I browsed through all the 9 pages of your started threads and found only 1 of them had 0 reply. People aren’t always interested in what you like to share. Don’t take personally. If you feel people have been ignoring you, its just a state of your mind :). Your recent threads lead me to conclude that you have developed some slight negative thinking.

My friend life’s just too short for whining. If you require some inspiration here:-
happy blending :wink:

Yeah, more inspiration:

EDIT: This may be slightly off topic, but I remember at least two such threads in the past.

This thread is hosted on a server, the longer the thread the more CPU activity will be, the more electricity will be used. So if it makes you any happier, by killing threads you’re helping to save the planet.

I might read something funnier today, but I won’t bet on it.

Do you know the “No good deed remains unpunished” quote? Well, I come to the conclusion that it should be slightly modified into “No good deed remains unpunished, provided that somebody noticed and cared about it”. I have stopped contributing to several forums and gone into deep lurk mode for this reason.


Don’t worry, we are all busy looking for secret airforce bases.

I’d guess nobody likes your ugly mug. Like mine. :slight_smile:

I have a cactus that is twice my height. It is very good company.