Am I able to sell a title?

Can I sell a title exported straight from blender? No coding or anything. Selling the basic blender coded .exe? I don’t need details I just need a yes or a no. Thank you :slight_smile: Oh and can I post it on a site like gamejolt?

No, you can not.

Title? You mean a game application?

Yes, you are allowed to sell a game application made with blender using the BGE.

Yes, you are allowed to do that. You are even allowed to sell Blender.

I do not know. You should ask there.

-> You are not allowed to publish any content you do not have permission to distribute. This means use your own models, images, sounds, animation etc. or content where you can prove you have an explicit permit (licence).
-> If you use GPL code within your application (blenderplayer) you can’t prohibit reselling/redistribution (see the thread mentioned above).

Thanks all for the responses :slight_smile: I now feel more confident knowing that I have options :slight_smile: