Amarture Irritation

Hey. I’ve been working on a demo for my game and have hit a fairly concrete roadblock. I have created, textured, rigged, and Animated a character without applying scale and Rotation. When I am starting to program the AI and stuff using a copy (Completely Rigged, Animated, Etc…), he looks almost as if he is laying down and moving interestingly towards the nodes. When I try to then Apply Scale and rotation, Everything goes berserk. How can I fix this problem?

Save me again Social…:confused:

you gonna need to redo your rig everything from the start:D

Where is the Computer Frustration Program when you need it…:eek:
Is there anything positive to be said before my compy dies a terrible death with an Cough accidental Cough Sledge Hammer collision?:no:

Well, thats one way, but you could also do a more crude way, of rotating the object in edit mode, in order to get the rotation right, it will take a lot of playing around though. I’ve had to do that before, and sometimes I can get it to turn out, pretty good.

Good luck!

All hail the compy-saving hero: Facemania! I really hope it’ll be worth my hard work. :wink:

Aarrggghh! Every time I Apply the armature’s scale and rotation and then attempt to run the animation, he turns 90 degrees to the left. Help is again needed.

Well this is more an animation problem then a GE problem … and facemania’s solution might work on animations that don’t use the armature object but when animations are keyed in without the rotation being applied to the armature you’re in some deep … problems …

Because the bones are evaluated using quaternions and not Euler angles it is almost imposable to fix the Rotation Not Applied Before Animating Syndrome (RNABAS) … especially when there are rotation keys (quats in the pose IPOs) …

It is almost imposable to fix quats that have the wrong axis orientation so you might have to redo all your animations … but this suggestion should work as a workaround for your predicament :

  1. clear the rotation with Alt-R on your armature (and your mesh too if you want but if it follows the armature and the animations play ok you don’t have to do this)

  2. from the top view space -> add -> Empty

  3. hit A to clear selection then select your armature then shift-select the Empty and Ctrl-P and parent the armature to the Empty

  4. now rotate the Empty until your armature is oriented like it was before you cleared the unapplied rotation

  5. hit P and see if it worked

I’m not sure if you will have to make the empty a part of the game (I don’t see why) …

Hope this helps .

Again, thanks. I’ll try that, but I fear I’m going to have to do it over again. Poll Closed!