AmasawaTools 1.7.1 (descriptions english translated!)

Another hair creation tool AmasawaTools 1.7.1 fully translated into english.I did not create the addon,Amasawa Rasen is creator,just translated it since there hasn’t been updates in a while.There is probably some mistakes,but descriptions should make it easier to use.

Original version HERE

amasawaTools1_7_1.rar (33.7 KB)


Corrected a couple of typos: need to “string ‘string’ string” in python. (230.5 KB)

By the way, thank you for translation. Didn’t know this tool uses grease pencil…


thanks for fixing typos.I was just about to upload a diff version with the fixes.

Is this a translation for the scripts interface in blender or is it s tranlations of the docs…
Doc translation and user manual in english is what this really needs I can great hair on Suzanne and that is it.

Translation of the interface in blender,with hoverhints.

I have done a google translate from Japanese to English of the web pages for the plugin but is is still hard to follow. Would anyone that has used it extensively like to make a mini tutorial?

Does this work with 2.8?

I don’t use 2.8,you can try,but it’s an older release and possibly not updated much anymore.If it gets updated,and works,I’ll edit post about it.