Amateur 3D artist and Unity programmer looking for projects to contribute to

Hi all,

I am a male, 30s, from Australia, who has almost completed a 1-year long 3D Game Development course. My skills include creating rigged and animated characters, and rigid body models. I would like to contribute to any project teams who are looking for 3D artists. These projects may or may not be game-related. As the thread title says, I am at an amateur skill level at this time.

Here is a render of a model which I have created during this course. Private space travel company campus:

I have more to show later, but the forum only allows me to upload 1 picture right now because I’m new here.

Besides 3D modelling, I have learned about creating games in Unity as well. If my skills appeal to you for your amateur project, please get into contact with me!



Hey Guy,
Your post was published quite a while ago and just wanted to check if you are still looking for projects on blender to contribute to and if so, how much of your time can yáll contribute for a 3 minute animation sequence or short cinematic film for our GTA racing game trailer?
Hope To hear from you soon.
[email protected] Game Studios

HI Guy!

Would love to discuss a freelance job with you. You can reach me at [email protected]

Have a great day!