Amature problem

Hello I am using Blender 2.41 and I can’t seem to use the envelop correctly,

I pressed alt-s to link the envelop to the object, but it doesn’t bend correctly, please help

here is an image of what happens

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You need to select the Mesh with RMB and goto F9 buttons, Modifiers tab and add an “Armature” Modifier. Type in the Object Name (OB:Armature in the Link and Materials tab) of the Armature in the Modifier panel and you’re set to go.


Oops sorry about posting at this section

unfortunately, I still cannot get it to work, i followed all the instructions , at least I thought I did, but I still have the same problem, as the picture above, 

I am using blender 2.41

These are the steps I took:

          I create a cylinder
          I create skeleton at the bottom
          I exude to create the second part. 
         in object mode, i right click on the cylinder
         I go to modifier tab and add Modifier 
          I add armature 
          in the modifier name , 
          i write A and press tab, Armature comes out
         I now right click on the skeleton in pose mode and press 

         Now I try to rotate the cylinder,

                  I result in a picture above, 

        I''m sorry, but i'm really confused, did I do something wrong?????