Amaz - Multiplayer FPS (Need designers***)

I know i have mentioned about this before but i got some things to do and i was offline for a pretty long time, but i m back to it, so if so one want to join you will need to reply with the following information:

I need designers only!!

-Your skype name.
-Your name.
-A logo or a button you designed.

What will the game will be about:

  • A first person shooter game located, in time, in the present so no futuristic maps/weapons.
  • Will be dedicated to multiplayer only.
  • I would like to make it average about the graphics, not to hight and not to low so every one could play. (many pp does not have powerfull computers)

What is done:
-The multiplayer system is 60% done
Thx guys.

I m pretty exited xd why no one replyed from 70 views zz :spin:

We’re not excited because you have not shown us anything. Show us something worth getting excited about, and we will probably be more than excited about your endeavour.

YES! I thought this project was dead! im so glad its back! count me in! I can model and texture. Im on my laptop on vacation so i cant really show you anything ive made. When i get back home i can send you some images of stuff i’ve done :smiley: You can also check out my thread here on how to make a first person shooter, so that you know im not a complete nooby at blender :slight_smile:

Nice to see you so motivated :slight_smile: I saw your tutorial, still I wanna see your modeling skills. When u can I would like to see your job. :smiley:

For sure! Is there anything specific you want me to model?

For this game i will need weapons, first person hands, and maps. I hope there is more candidates, you cant do this all alone

I can model stuff. I mainly focus on the design aspect that many people overlook far too often. I’d be really stoked if you would let me design/model the maps though.

Hmm, i would like to see your work as well… i want to make sure that all the pp i take can actually do what i ask.

In the thread?

you can pm me with the pictures or just post them here, how u prefer?

You would be surprised :slight_smile:

@thelaurent I’d actually like to work with you as well as Infinity123
I’ll just post em here I suppose.

A guard from another project.

The box was just for testing scale- it is rendered in cycles, but it’s low poly enough for the game engine.
I’ll try and find some more pics from my cluttered desktop if you need them.

Well I m locking for people with professional abilities, I want to make a game which pp would pay to play.
So if I have like 3 modelers… I request a map/model and I choose the best model to use. I want to have a choice.

The coding part is almost done all I need is the design part, models, maps, etc…

To get a game to an industry standard professional level it requires a lot of time, a lot of trained professionals and simply put a lot of work. An immense amount of work. At a studio the creative director doesn’t choose the best model to use. They properly explain what they want to an artist and they work together through several iterations of any model to get something they are both happy with. That’s the standard. For paid professional’s. With a salary.

Hmm ok, thx for explaining me that. I liked your tunnel kind of thingy. The guard seems a little to low polly to me but I think you can do some more details into it. Do you have Skype so we all can chat better?

I do have a skype. Let’s uh, chat.

add me: inusimidia2


okay, so i installed blender on my crappy little travel computer so i could throw together a little test, i dont have photoshop on this computer so i cant texture it but i modelled a low poly g36c, it has just under 800 faces and i baked an AO texture to fake shadows just so it looked better, but here it is.

Also heres a link to my website, the page i linked you to has 2 concept arts i made for another game project im working on :slight_smile: so i can do concept art and map design if you need me to :smiley:

Also my skype name is laurent.sparks