Amazing game with no limits

I thought this would be quite interesting for everyone to see. It’s a new game called Spore being developed by Maxis.

Already been posted.

Link for the lazy

Whoopsy, I did scan the first page of topics. I figured that if someone already posted this it would still be on the first page, seeing as it’s fairly new.

i think this game is going to suck and i will give the reasons why.

i think the best games ever created were made on the old nintendo and super nentendo systems. they were fun, they were addictive, and they looked great.

the games now are like going to work. and this game looks like the classic example of these new types of games. were is the fun in endlessly creating a character and evolving and going to new levels. the inovation of this type of envornment is cool. but it donst look fun at all, it just looks like tons of work.

for me it will proably never get better then the games for super nintendo, super mario world, super metroid, legend of zelda, those games were magic, a fun escape into another awsome world. the games out now are like going in and working a crumby 9-5 retail job.

just my opinon, and anyone who disagrees will receive a jui-jitsu shoulder lock, in wich i will pull your arm off and beat you with it…

i will pull your arm off and beat you with it…

You mean LICK him with it.


Lets all make Wu happy and go back to the 80’s. 16 bit video games, and crappy controllers.

Games must evolve and in order for that to happen players must evolve too. If they made remakes of those games Wu was talking about then everyone would complain that they want something new. I for one think this game has potential. If you hate it because you have to actually THINK to play, I guess you can hit up a vintage game store or a Pawn shop and get an old nintendo. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

and if you keep talking to my chick Katt, imma rip something off your body and its not gonna be an arm or leg…

This has already been posted, though Spore does look like it will be an excellent game.

I have to say I have my doubts. All the way through the bloke is saying how he wanted to be able to do things that he always wanted to do. Seems it will be his perfect game, others might find it a bit limiting however…


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You’ve been listening to either too many Strongbad emails or you just let teen interests get a gripping hold of you. Okay I listen to Strongbad emails but I don’t take them seriously.

The game will tank, thinking just isn’t popular. Hell of a game, though, it’s a shame. I’ll surely be getting my hands on it, intellectual stimulation was always a thousand volts above the 16 bit simplicity when it came to satisfaction and replay. An intergalactic alien planet terraforming and colonizing madhouse apparently isn’t the ‘escape into another awsome world’ that impulsive living aches for. Where is the fun in being a god they ask. The monkeys in man pants couldn’t handle more than pounding two big red buttons in a primal beer guzzling frenzy. The rest of us moved on, we rubbed the sticks long enough to create fire and the cylinders upstairs are burning red hot from the friction. Despite what anyone will tell ya, thinking’s not suppose to be work, it’s suppose to be natural and fun.

what the ffff…you pervert.

long live 16 bit, and by the way this is the only world were you will ever be a god, were as i live as one everyday…and you knew it!!!

by the way i did enjoy your post :smiley:

No IDEA what you’re talking about. I just think it’s funny when people talk like that. :slight_smile:

Never heard of Strongbad? will tell you.

I agree with Wu very much (And not because of his undeniable reputation with the ladies) because when we had Super Mario Bros. and Zelda we could sit down and have a joyful experience but now the strive for realism has gone beyond fun and has become less of a entertainment and has become a anger-management counselors worst fear. As when we used to play 16 bit games we would be joyfully slaughtering goombas and slashing our way to Zelda as Link instead of beating on the controller and hurting small animals :P. I still love the new video games too

I dunno. Sometimes when playing those “simpler” games and the same guy keeps killing me, I’m about ready to have an aneurysm. :x

I think this looks pretty cool. Building your own monster to go around killing other animals? And destroying whole other planets with your UFO’s death ray? How can you NOT like that??

What’s the point of building a city in Sim City and then not destroying it with fires, and volcanos, and giant robots!


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