Amazing Spider-Man Poster remade with Blender - Updated

Hello Guys!

Here’s a shot of a scene that I’ve been playing round with the past few days, decided to recreate the poster for Amazing Spider-man 2, wanted to try using the Wire frame modifier for his webbing, pretty happy with my final result. let me know what you think!

Here’s a Breakdown:

Well…certainly an interesting topic for a render, but you got his pose exactly right. Now I’d say make the lighting, and the suit, a bit darker. =)

Did you compare it with the official one? I thought my colors matched pretty close…

Looks great! I think you should make the blue material on the costume a bit darker. In the original poster it isn’t as bright as that.
Other than that It’s awesome :smiley:

Yeah, this poster looks darker, but here’s the one I was coping:

They must have released variations of the same poster… :stuck_out_tongue:

omg what do you mean by wireframe modifier?!? i can definitely use that for my spiderman character i couldn’t find out how to get that texture on him

if your using 2.7, there’s now a new wire-frame modifier, this will basically take your mesh’s wire-frame, and create a shape out of it, so then you can apply the modifier, and select just the blue color from your wire-frame mesh and delete it.

This is very well done. :slight_smile: I’m not sure if it should be a bit darker or not. It seems to work either way.

You got his pose perfectly. And the feel of the image is fabulous!!!

I like what you’ve done, very much.

He looks like an only incidental part of the poster though; it feels like the text is far more important, is this intentional? I don’t remember seeing anything like it so not sure about original or just your interpretation.

Yeah, this was how the poster was composed. Here is the original so you can compare:

Looks great Webhead! Model and materials really look the part, and you did a really good job on the background too.
Was mulling over the comment that Writer’s Block made and think I see what he means - couple of things it could be worth experimenting with if you ever decide to tweak the image:

  1. there’s quite a lot of backlighting on the original poster which highlights the edges of his suit - makes him stand out a bit more (this is a fairly minor point though).

  2. on the original poster the clouds are darker at the top and create a gradient leading down to the interesting bit - think from a composition standpoint this might be why the text is seeming more important at the moment, as your clouds are almost too eye-catching! The clouds under the text on the original are actually pretty dull so leave the lower portion as the focal point.

Just my opinions though and I certainly wouldn’t say you need to follow them as you’ve got a quality piece of work there. Using the wireframe modifier for webbing was genius!


Thanks Ben! some great advice there! Currently I’m rendering out some animations, showing off some of the details, and kinda doing a breakdown.

Hey Guys, Just finished a breakdown I was rendering out for my Sculpt, showing off some of the process, and then some of the more fine details. Let me know what you think!


Great Job Webhead. The detail in the suit looks great.

Hey guys!

I just posted a quick tip on how I did the webbing on Spidey! check it out here: