Far out guys, you guys are just sick. The graphics you make are really cool. Man if I could model this good, I’ll go work for Square Soft or something or maybe not since those guys are godly in graphics.

Man, you just gotta show me how to model. I’ve learned a bit from the tutorials but I hate the texture and lighting :frowning: . Anyways time to get back to learning blender, hopefully I can get some “pro” advice from you guys :wink: .

welcome to the bootcamp

Welcome and as we say in the Bayarea west coast Cali style if you will, we Blenderheads are “sick with it”. Hehehe. Stick around the “sickness” is catchy.

Hi Wolf, I am sick. Also, I am one of the best modellers around here, for example I made cekuhnens’ face out of flour, milk and eggs, with static cocktails sticks for the hair.


Welcome to Elysiun and Blender.

Digital Sculpture Techniques - How to Apply the Principles of Traditional Sculpture to Make Stunning 3D Characters by Bay Raitt and Greg Minter might help you understand many important concepts. Save the PDF version.

A thread on CGTalk, Theoretical SUB-D may also help you understand important conceots.

Neither of those resources are Blender specific, but they might help you yo understand modeling better.

Good luck yo you.

You’ll model that good in time, that is unless you’re cursed with not being able to learn :wink:

Thanks all. I’ll try and learn hard.

well, just if you just apply yourself and practice, im sure you will become a great deal better than most people here (like myself)

just take small steps and dont think that you will automatically start to make stuff like @ndy