Amazon Lumberyard adds a full text-to-speech pipeline (in a possible industry first)

As far as consumer engines go anyway, Lumberyard is the only product I know of that will have this.

A couple of things to note though, because of Amazon’s stance of not wanting to see voice acting jobs disappear, this will not become a final quality dialogue generator and should be used only for placeholder sounds. This also is coming into the engine as one of their so-called “cloud gems” (so it will not surprise me if developers will have to pay to use it).

In all, this is turning out to be an interesting engine, but I will caution that a time may come where if you want everything that’s not part of a base toolset, it will turn out to be an expensive subscription-based product (did anyone really think that such cutting edge tech. would be free with no catches)?

Still, text-to-speech may eventually become a boon for small studios who don’t have the money to attract top talent for acting, but we are not there yet (but don’t say we won’t be).

only when AI learns to understand the emotion in color of human voice and knows how to apply it effectively… or when the consumer becomes so dumb that it can no longer tell the difference between artificial and real…
oh wait…

most probably both are already occurring as i write

:smiley: game on

similar contemplation but more oriented on the visual side of things

what are we getting into? yet Power only wants more
can’t we just call it an addiction and advise sick to visit the therapist :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting to see how consumer of materialistic nature evolves into a consumer of emotions, abstractions

Amazon is paving it’s path to the consumer’s soul

Well, if it would give you peace of mind and a reason to stop virtue-signaling, we can always go back to this.

No one can gain power with this type of thing (but it would suck for those who have worked so hard to achieve realism) :stuck_out_tongue:

made no such conclusion :eyebrowlift2: but it’s always good to see others presumptions :wink:
had already fun making such robotic dubbing… no news on the front

I wanted this for sometime.Unfortunately they beat me to it.And I am not paying for it.

lol at Ace calling out ‘virtue-signaling’

Maybe that does not preclude me making a game with something like that in it.I made a few chatbots my self.I love the technology.

Lumberyard has been ramping up lately. 1.11 has a lot of cool features and refactors. They redid the their visual coding, their animations system got an overhaul, the components entity system got an overhaul from the CryEngine stuff. Over the next few months they will overhaul the material system and finally release a Mac version the editor. They are slowly getting there. However the biggest issue right now is still spotty documentation. It’s just not very good.

Doesn’t Bethesda’s proprietary engine have this?

That would only count if Bethesda is actually selling their engine as a commercial product (I mentioned consumer engines, or engines that individual game developers and studios can actually download and use).