Ambient Occlusion, Radiosity, Global Illumination

I have heard those terms for a while now, and though I am quite familiar with GI, I was wondering what the other two were. I read the documentation about radiosity, and it sounded and looked pretty similar to GI. The AO docs weren’t written yet, so an explanation there would be nice.

Thanks alot!

ambient Occlusion


Yes, I have seen those, thank you.
But to me both look like GI.
So what’s the difference?

not as accurate.

gi is made up of specular, caustics, direct, and indirect. those don’t include specular or caustics, and are less accurate.

Radiosity can contribute to GI if done right, as far as I know Yafray can easily do good GI

So if I use yafray and GI and caustics, I don’t need radiosity or AO?

How does radiosity contribute to GI? Are there any articles on that?

Thank you guys so far!