AMD A8 4500M laptop OpenCL working.

Hello everyone, Im new guy here.

The first time I fired up the blender interface was back in 2005.:stuck_out_tongue:
I come from a place which is anti-creative and until nine months ago I started learning blender and getting a hang of it… Thanks to people like Andrew Price, oliver villar, little web hut I was able to teach myself some… :yes:

Now my desktop can do just fine with a geforce 650ti.

All the crap about opencl/hsa has completely undermined AMD position as a competitor.

I was finally able to get cycles running stable on blender 2.71 using GPU(Radeon HD7640) of the the laptop APU A8 4500m. I also have a dedicated part; HD 7670M 1GB…which i need to install fglrx.

Currently Im using the nonfree drivers on debian sid(unstable)… firmware-linux-nonfree and I also installed libgl1-fglrx-glx(dont know if it really helps). The kernel i used was 3.14-liquorix.

All i had to do for running blender with opencl is type this in terminal:

sudo CYCLES_OPENCL_TEST=true blender

It works just fine…as for benchmarks, it took a few seconds less since the inbuilt graphics of the APU is not that powerful…I plan to install fglrx and test it with the 7670M.

Im not on the lappie and i cant put up any screenshots…will do that later.

Hope this helps someone…