AMD & Nvidia card, in ONE PC?

I have an ASUS HD 7870 2gb GDDR5, and i want to use that with a 32" vizio HDTV.

The only place my HD 7870 falls short is in the 3d rendering process with programs likeBlender.

It lacks CUDA which is greatly favored technology, so it appears. Im considering picking up a
GeForce GTX 4/5XX and i dont want to spend more than 70$ used is fine. This card will be for the sole purpose of renders.

I want to have both cards in my PC at the same time, with the new card hooked up to a seperate 22" monitor. Using windows 7 home premium x64.

Is there software in place to toggle between which card is being “used” or a way to make one card secondary, or lie idle until its turned on. Any advice here would be great

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Heres the thing, people used to do that all the time for physX. Gamers would get a nice ATI Radeon Card and a cheap nvidia, the nvidia would be used for the physx and other advanced features and the rest is the on the radeon.

Nvidia didnt like this so apparently they prevented dual brand gpus working alongside one another via drivers. Your best bet is just to upgrade to Nvidia only cards. I can understand why they wouldnt want another card to take advantage of what their tech, but it does such for those who like ATI cards.

Also with a good nvidia card, you can have up to 2-3 displays per gpu.

Check my sig below - I run a AMD 7970 to drive my three displays, and a Nvidia 590GTX for CUDA rendering in Blender and Octane.

I got it second hand for $200 or $300 (Don’t recall), and it renders very fast - much faster than my CPU. The drawback is that it only supports 1.5gb of memory, but it is great for scene setup testing, simpler scenes, material testing, and so forth.

$70 is not going to get you very far, though.