AMD Radeon VII support...?

I have installed every patch and driver that AMD has to offer but can still not get Cycles working on my Radeon VII… Am I doing something wrong, or will support for more AMD cards come soon…?

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Welcome, :tada: ,
as for any application there are some requirements as stated on there dedicated websites and/or doku.

On the blender website at the bottom is a link for requirements:

GCN 1st gen and newer.

Radeon VII is 5th Gen (June 2017) … but:

Cycles rendering using the GPU has higher requirements.

and there:

graphics cards with the AMD RDNA architecture or newer

with link to:
RDNA since July 2019

Thank you for your answer, I am brand new to all this… Too bad, I guess I just have to purchase a newer GPU… :neutral_face:

If you are brand new to all this then think about first doing some stuff before you need some more power… iIf you need one year (or a half) to get more into this then the cards are cheaper or the other way round then your new bought card is… old … :wink: (i3/8GB intel internal graphics here and having fun…)

Not necessarily.
Support for older GPU architectures is on the way. And that includes Vega generations as well. AMD is working from most recent GPUs backwards when it comes to support for GPU rendering in Blender.

Do you run Windows or Linux?

ED: I also have Radeon VII and don’t plan selling it any time soon. The only reason for doing it would be more VRAM.

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It’s as @silex said:

We’ve worked with AMD to bring back AMD GPU rendering support. This is based on the HIP platform. In Blender 3.0, it is planned to be supported on Windows with RDNA and RDNA2 generation discrete graphics card. It includes Radeon RX 5000 and RX 6000 series GPUs.
We are working with AMD to add support for Linux and investigate earlier generation graphics cards, for the Blender 3.1 release. While we would have liked to support more in 3.0, HIP for GPU producing rendering is still very new.


Promising, thanks for info… I am on Windows… Fingers crossed for a rapid development… :slightly_smiling_face:

I also have Radeon VII and I propose to use Radeon PRO Render 2 for now till they implement back GCN architecture for Blender. RPR2 is very fast it has ready to use materials, and it can convert with one click any materials you create for eevee or Cycles.
It’s the latest for now what’s Radeon Pro Render 2 is capable of :slight_smile: and its more