AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X, another piece of my workstation pc components.

The top of the CPU is a simple texture used for height, roughness, and as the base of color(mixed with grey color)
What do you think? Good enough?

Another angles and wireframe:

For such small thing it is dense and with over 1.6 millions of faces due to number of pins!

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How you setup your shader?principled BSDF or diffuse layered with glossy?

Which material do you mean? For the top of the CPU I have used this:

other materials are only principled bsdf with color, roughness and metallic changed

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I thought you may use diffuse mix with glossy shader.I’m learning on this type of shading method for a while ,so want know if you are using this workflow

Are you using Eevee? Have you enabled Ambient Occlusion and Screen Space Reflections from Render tab properties?

You could also try some indoor HDRi for better environmental reflection:

Hello, I used Cycles with pretty much default settings and ambient occlusion is disabled for this render with studio hdri from BlenderKit :innocent:
This one: (I used 8K version, this is 2K version)
photo_studio_2K_67d4eccc-aef1-4870-8d25-bef842fad5f7.exr (1.1 MB)

I think that the only time I have ever used glossy was with glass

You try with lighting that has high contrasts with strong and not very large points of light, and improving your metallic materials. This so that lighting does not appear so flat.

You see what it looks like in reality and try to imitate it:

You could also experiment with different “Look” settings in the Color Management settings in the Render tab. Even using Standard instead of Filmic view transform

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Thank you, I will try your suggestions