AMD's Zen2 chips released, a better deal than Intel

I am just comparing data from the threadripper 1950x. It gets close to the 1080 in the bmw benchmark and smokes any video card from that bench (minux the gp100) in the more complex scenes like koro, barbershop and fishy cat.

The 3950x is gonna have the same number of cores as the 1950x, higher clocks and higher performance at the same clock as the zen 2 already proved over the previous generations of zen processors.

Obviously, let’s wait for the reviews, but I’d be surprised if it’s not faster than a threadripper 1950x to be honest

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3900x already faster than 1950x


3950x with OC (which usualy 15% - then munis 15% from charts) already near close to 2990wx


p.s. when you say something - much better when you have charts to confirm your words!

The perils of being an early adopter, apparently Zen2 had some BIOS issues at launch and AMD is working to fix them, see the bottom of this page.

In this case, it shows that the reviews might have benchmarks showing the chip being slower than it should be. This could mean people who wait will be rewarded with a Zen2 that is noticeably faster than the already impressive speeds in the reviews.

There are many people out there who are so eager to break free from Intel (speculation on my part though), that they are lining up outside of stores to snag a new Ryzen Proc. Seriously, people are lining up as they would for Black Friday sales or the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

Finally AMD with true Single Thread good performance (which is good for working in blender):

I asked a German user to run this build with the Gooseberry bench with USE EMBREE on.

He scored an impressive 9:59 !

His System:

Ryzen 3900x cooled by Noctua NH-D15 (presumably with PBO on)

MSI X570 Creation

G.Skill DIMM 16 GB DDR4-3200 Kit (F4-3200C14D-16GTZR, Trident Z RGB)

Another user scored 14:54 with an 3700X.

According German thread:

Phoronix has just ran benchmarks with the newest version of Windows 10 (because of the changes specifically for Ryzen users), the result is a significant narrowing of the performance gap compared to Linux.

Linux is still a bit faster, but us Win10 users should see a faster machine across the board. It should be enough to consider updating now even if you have the feature updates deferred.


Intel has just admitted they lost marketshare to AMD.

However, they try to assure us that AMD will be irrelevant again as soon as they fix their supply issues. That would be tough to believe since they are still doing Skylake refreshes (but with 8 cores). Intel may need to have 10nm, EMiB, and Foveros tech. in a consumer product first.

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Intel has a horrible history and recent 5 years of how they were acting and treating their own customers is enough of a reason to ignore Intel
Just look they knew that AMD were working on new Gen for years and they still kept acting “meh…”, they stayed in their own bubble, kept bubble-baiting and now they wonder what happened. They even made more 14nm fabs, since they are contracted to do so.
On server side, full pro and medium tier Intel is completely defeated and on Desktop 80%?
Its just my honest opinion and no I don’t believe in favourism or being a fan to any kind of company. thats just idiotic.

CheeRz :wave:

In the last couple of months, people have been complaining that their Ryzen 2’s were not boosting up to the speeds seen in the advertising. AMD has investigated and identified a problem that they are now resolving through a BIOS update.

A few initial sources claim that the chip now boosts as advertised with this BIOS applied. It seems with the major changes that have been done to the architecture, it’s wise as usual to avoid being an early adopter if you can wait.

The power of Ryzen, a newly made data chart shows AMD being the dominant CPU brand in 2019.

This was something that Intel could’ve prevented completely, if only they were aggressive in R&D instead of refreshing Skylake over and over. The original Ryzen for instance would’ve been DOA if their 10nm arch. came out as planned.

This could also be good news even if you have a first or second generation chip, as this could give software developers an incentive to do more AMD-specific optimizations.

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Received mine today. Pretty nice upgrade. However, as a fair warning to anyone: The bundled cooler is brutally loud under heavy load. If you are doing CG, dont even bother with it.

That boosting issue seems to be quite nuanced. Anandtech has a very interesting article regarding that:

Which cooler and CPU?

3900x with the stock cooler.

Ok, that’s strange that they provide non-silent cooler for the top of the line CPU. Thanks for sharing.

Currently, there’s a rumor going around that AMD delayed the top-end 16 core part because they needed more time to make sure the clocks were fast enough (ie. ensuring it boosts as advertised).

That hasn’t been confirmed by AMD though, with their official response stating they are waiting for inventory to build so there wouldn’t be shortages (as with the July chips).

Then there is the relative newness of the 7nm fab process, which some speculate is not yet providing AMD the same yield rate with Zen2 as they had with Zen+, though TSMC is working on improvements.

Well, Intel gives you no cooler whatsoever.
If you manually start configuring the TDP downwards you can get kind of tolerable noise levels at around 95W when rendering if you are okay with a slight performance drop. But at everthing stock this thing really sounds like a turbine . Also makes crazy humming noises. I really thought that the cooler didnt make proper contact. Really, really scary.

I did a quick Linux render comparison with the CPU capped at 85W.
2.80 release/ Spring Demo file/ Denoiser disabled/ 2048 samples

Linux: 1h
Windows 10: 1.03h

Considering I was browsing and watching youtube on Win10, I would say it is not worth switching to Linux for rendering with this chip.

The rumour I heard was that the higher core count parts are unavailable because AMD Epyc is in such high demand (look at the recent LTT video about it for an idea of why), so all the quality 8 core chiplets are being sold in Epyc parts because it makes AMD far more money than putting them in Ryzen and Threadripper.

I just got a 3700x, which uses the same cooler as the 3900x. The cooler keeps temps reasonable, but the fan curve needs adjusting, as it constantly ramps up and down. I’m probably just going to replace it with something else, such as a Scythe Fuma 2 or something by Noctua - the noise is extremely annoying.