American Dad Living Room

(tomstevens94) #1

Very nearly finished my version of the living room in the cartoon: American Dad

Im looking to add a bit of detial showing its been lived in slightly, eg mugs, magazines, tv remotes etc.

any details/critisicms welcome before I call this one finished :slight_smile:

1hr 30 mins render, at 800 samples

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(tomstevens94) #3

another shot of the front door this time:

(XeroShadow) #4

So are you going for a realistic view or somewhere between? If you are going for the lower, try to match the paint job in the walls.

(tomstevens94) #5

Yes I made a silly mistake with the materials on the walls some of the walls had the materials on them, just not assigned to any of the mesh?? didnt even know that was possible haha but all fixed now, thank you for the feedback.
Yes I am trying to go for as realistic as possible, anything can be done to achieve this do you think??

(XeroShadow) #6

Based on accuracy, you need to move the lamp into the back table. Add a vent over the door that is closer to the kitchen. Add one more section to the couch and color the cushions green. You will also need to create 2 different materials to match the rug. Add some wooden panels along the wall near the stair case.

I don’t want to change it too much, but these are some suggestions you might want to take into consideration.

(tomstevens94) #7

I was only really using the cartoon as inspiration and for layout etc. I like to change the design etc, but I will add the vent, different coloured rug etc…

I wont give into the green sofa XD

(XeroShadow) #8

That’s fine! You really don’t see a green pea colored couch these days anyway.

(tomstevens94) #9

few more details added, tv remote, wall lights, chandelier, drinks, as well as making the rug a bit more patchy/less uniform