American Desk Lamp

American Desk Lamp:

Modelled in blender 2.80 finished model lamp shade and base deformed with a lattice modifier.

Maybe that’s the noise, but I find something wrong with it. Model looks cool, but materials bother me in some way. For sure the stand - it looks brand new, plastic-rubber, whereas everything else is worn and rusty.
But the reflector is bothering me in a way that it feels it’s solid… yes, yes!
That’s it! Make edges a bit deformed, add rust there, it should be either welded or connected with rivets!

I think it will remove the effect of… hmm, plastic toy excavator bucket! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your critic. I’ll add more deformation to the shade and increase the rust on the base… From my reference photographs there are no welds or rivets actually visible on the shade ends.