American Double Pedestal Flat Top Desk

Update - latest render

Hey guys. I’ve been lurking around for a while without posting so now it’s time for me to contribute something. I recently started an ambitious project centered around using Blender to build reference scenes for drawings and paintings. I come from a traditional art background with a concentration in realism so that continues to be my focus. You can check out my links below to see what I’m talking about.

My project, called Welcome to Autumn, revolves around the history of a fictional railroad town in Virginia. I’m starting to model the library/home office of my main character, a railroad tycoon. This is one of the first pieces I’m working on, his desk. Specifically, it’s an American double pedestal flat-top desk. This is the initial blocking in stage with basic colors. I’m using Blender 2.71 and Cycles. Stay tuned for more!

Original image

I have added a few changes to the desk including mushroom turned wooden knobs, inset metal keyhole surrounds, and adjustments to the height of the drawers. I’m also starting to play with the material of the desk a little more.

A little more background information about the desk. This is similar to the desk made in England during the Chippendale Period. It’s dimensions are usually 4 to 5 feet long by 26 to 34 wide. The total height is 28 to 30 inches. This desk will be made with my favorite type of wood, which also happens to be historically accurate - black walnut.

Circa 1840-1880.

Like I said previously, I’m adding a black walnut material to this desk. Here is an update with the first attempt. I’m going to continue making more adjustments in my pursuit for a realistic desk, including fixing the grain direction and reflectivity of the wood.

Making great progress! Can’t wait to see this in context.

Thank you! Definitely only a first step into what looks to be a very ambitious project.

Here is a final update for now. I’ve adjusted the material a bit, lightening it up and fixing the wood grain. I’ve also added some decorative accents underneath the leg area. After some advice from a friend, I decided to go with a green leather top with gold inlay. I’d like to add some weathered effects like dents, scratches, and general wear and tear, but I need to move on to the next asset.

I’d love to hear final thoughts on how this turned out. In the future, I will rig it with constraints so I can open up the drawers.