Americans don't have to pay income tax

Are you a US citizen? Have you been paying income tax to the IRS? According to these lawyers, you don’t have to. The basic Idea is that the US gov ASKS the IRS to collect money in taxes, and the IRS says you must pay this because the gov has asked us to collect it. Well the gov asks because they can’t constitutionally demand, and people pay because the IRS tells they are doing it on behalf of the gov. But there is never a law stating that you must pay income taxes, just a law stating you must pay taxes (in general) But the IRS isn’t constitutionally allowed to demand income tax. A little complex, but it could save you thousands of dollars!

Tell me what you think. Should I believe these guys?

It borderlines on the too good to be true type.
I’d call the proper government offices or email them the video.

No taxes… America will go to hell without that source of income for the government.
And yes, it IS too good to be true :slight_smile:

aww, hell!! ANARCHY!!! then no one has to pay taxes! but seriously, i wouldn’t trust that all to much, but investigation always helps. i’m sure if you didn’t pay income taxes, and told them that there’s nothing in the constitution that forces you to pay those income taxes, something’s gonna happen, and then there’ll be a new law stating that if you are a US citizen you must support the government with income taxes, or they’ll revoke your citizenship. i’m sure most of what i said was unconstitutional, but i doubt those jerk-wads in D.C. really give a damn.

Aw shucks. I thought Al_Capone had gone and left us.


Now that you mention it, I haven’t seen him posting in a while. Maybe he did leave for good?

I can tell none of you actually watched the video:D I don’t blame you, it’s an hour long, but I found it interesting even just as a history lesson. Notice that sales tax, gasoline tax, tire tax and many others ARE constitutionally provided for, but income tax is forbidden. The USA functioned for a long time without income tax (came about the same time as social security I think). Income tax mostly ends up going for welfare and SS and other programs that just redistribute the money socialistically, so if income tax were abolished, all other taxes would remain and the only change would be that a bunch of lazy people would have to get up and go to work. (I realize the need for welfare money in extreme cases) Anyways if anyone actually watches the whole thing, let me know what you think, and especially if you are a constitution expert:)

This argument is not new. Constitutional or not, the reality is people with guns can and will take most of your possessions and/or throw you in prison if you don’t pay.

Nothing is considered unconstitutional unless the Supreme Court says it is. Which is why States are now having to pass laws to protect private property from being taken by towns for commercial development projects (can’t get much more unconstitutional than that imo -thanks alot Supreme Court).

So I guess I’ll just let the gov take my rights one by one and maybe my kids will someday have the unlucky task to have a revolution. :frowning:

Aw shucks. I thought Al_Capone had gone and left us.

I did a seach for Al_Capone and found he got at least one thread locked because blenderartists doesn’t allow “political discussions anymore.” I guess this could cound as political, so maybe I’ll get my first locked thread:D

Search “Taxes” by author “Al-Capone” and my comment will make more sense.

It may well be that the second or sixth ammendment whatever it was disallows taxation, fact of the matter is most western legal systems (including constitutional (US) and statutary (US and Non-US) law) recognize and use precedent. It’s a bit late to contest a practice that nobody complained about for hundreds of years (when prescription is thirty as are most statutes of limitations).


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