amish in the city

did any body see it. it was so cool
if you saw it please post a reply

DAmn I wanted to see it but I forgot, you know if they are airing an encore or anything?

… I can’t believe you liked that. This is going to start a major flame war but I dont care… all that reality sh#t is so freaking stupid I mean comon! WTH is with that stupid a$$ crap; they take amish people and move them to L.A how freaking stupid go watch some intresting shows or maybe do something that will get somewhere for the hour that crap is on like umm I dunno maybe try blending. Quit caring about those so called reality show people and care about something/somebody in real life.

agree - it’s the worst kind of television made since the 50’s english dating programs. I wish it’ll be over. I want to see more quality production - HBO style.

i think that reality tv shows can be done well, however most are NOT REALITY TV SHOWS. they are “lets put people in emotional and uncomfortable position” shows.

by reality tv i really mean a camera crew following a bussinessman from the conception of a company through all the tought times untill he makes it successfull. the real life shows that celebrate real honest acheivment and do not make the person famous.

reality tv shows as the word stands now are things like survivor which are as far from reality as possible.


sort of like the green light project?

green light project?

if it were contestants signing up i don’t call it reality, if it is real people just being studied/interviewed type thing then i do call it reality.

i am considering creating a reality tv show with me setting up a community 3d school. now that would be entertainment.