It was a long time I didn’t came on my own site!(what a shame!)
and I would like coment on this, it’s an old work done with THE GIMP and it was supposed to be a website interface!


It sure looks like a stereo, old school look, but, using two languages!? :o Maybe it’s a joke or something, I don’t know. Personally I leave a site if the language is anything other than English or my own native. What is/was your intent?

Nice reflection on the buttons and front, the front looks like light sandpappered aluminum and the buttons reminds me of the early 80’s. You know, that heavy button as in… when you turn it, it actually feels like you ARE turning the wheel, not that plastic shit they produce nowdays, very nice! :smiley:
Hmm… I’m getting flashbacks here!!! :o :wink:

That’s cool. Looks like an interface to a vst effect or something ;).



Nice work Yaya. Clean lines, simple design et the essence community.

PS What does liens mean?

Liens =>Links