An addon to disable object ray visibility for render layers separately?

So when you disable Ray Visibility(or Shadow Catcher) for an object it will be disabled in all render layers.
I can’t believe this options are not per render layer. Such needed feature?
Anyway is there any addon that allows this more flexible render settings per view layer?

I don’t know an addon doing that.

Dynamic overrides for rendering were an idea of initial design. But there were too many others new concepts to realize to have ability to make them a reality.

Ray Visibility settings are object settings. So, you need a different object to store a different set-up in .blend file.
Some of those settings are handled at collection level (Indirect Only, Holdout) by restriction toggles.
Current solution is to duplicate linked some objects by duplicating collections in outliner.
So, original collection can be used by one view layer and duplicate of collection can be used by the other one.