An alarm clock


Hi, I’m currently working on this model - and still not happy with the materials. I could use your advice here - especially metal parts - do they look realistic? How can I improve it?

(alf0) #2

ok try using roughens masks on the materials , on both the glass and the metal
smudges maps helps too,
the modeling looks great


Thanks @alf0 , I’ll try that.


It might look better if more things are being reflected in the glass face plate.


Good point, thanks.


I’ve added some wear&tear to materials. It’s still unfinished (started on the quest to find Cycles render friendly glass - if it’s possible:wink:). Am I going right direction?

(Max Detourniere) #7

Hi !
You’re definitely in the right direction. Model is good, materials are better.

Now… why is an alarm clock outside ? We can tell in the reflection that you’ve got an HDRi, with beautiful cloudy sky. But a field is no place for this item… maybe try to find an inside HDRi, (hint : to make that more realistic.


Thanks for the tip, I’ll search for better suited HDRI.


Here’s another try - with indoors HDRI:

(Max Detourniere) #10

Thats better :slight_smile:
Now try to change the background perhaps, and again try something that makes sense for the object you created.
If you don’t want background at least you should make it disappear, this grey-ish demi-cube is not pleasing…


I see - more like scene than just single model. That’s next I’ll try. Thanks.:slightly_smiling_face:

(Max Detourniere) #12

No ! you can make a single model ! That’s good practice. But you should focus on how to highlight it.
Here are a couple of videos from Andrew Price and Gleb Alexandrov :
How to Correctly Light a 3d Model
Realistic Lighting Hacks in Blender


Thanks for the links, exactly what I’ve needed.

(Benny_Flex) #14

Nice render. Good job with the details @MissB.