...an alien in my room!!

this was one of my initial works. many bad things but maybe there is something good into…?

Absolutely not bad! :slight_smile:
One thing that bother me is the lacking of shadow under the alien feet.


mmm… my dear env (it’s strange speaking english with you :wink: ) thanks for the tip, I’ll add a new lamp to make those shadows!

nice character idea! very well modelled. Since there’s a lamp BEHIND him shouldnt there be a shadow projecting forward instead?

Hmmm light direction look strange.
Why the shadow is on the top and light come from top too :o :o

because a spot light is on the floor :stuck_out_tongue:

Donnie…? is that yooouuu?

Not the best image but then again you said there’s stuff wrong with it so I can’t blame you for it.

Good job, but it doesn’t really look like he is in there. Also, he could use more complex textures.

I agree that the shadow looks a bit odd… And the alien looks more like some sort of android. Other than that, looks pretty neat.

Nice! Agreed with some of the comments above.

Just a question: Is it an alien in your room, or is it a robot in your room?

@claws: errr… no, I’m darko, sorry :x

thanks for your C&C!

and… is that an alien or a robot? good question. I don’t know why I called him an alien but… couldn’t it be an alien robot ? :wink:

darko: I think he’s refering to the movie (donnie darko or something…)

I’m with the others on the shadows, but the rest of the image is good. Also, the shadows don’t look very high res, is there an option to fix that? Maybe scale down the scene.

why should I ??

I use this nick from 12 years! And I’ve heard about donnie darko a couple of months ago… If I remember I was inspired by Darko Pancev, as I am an Inter F.C. supporter ( :frowning: )…

btw. I can’t understnd why the shadows looks so bad, anyway it was an old model and I don’t want to touch it again :wink: thanks for C&C

“darko: I think he’s refering to the movie (donnie darko or something…)”

dou!!! I’ve understood only now… sorry :smiley:

the shadow is missing and the real alien looks to much like plastic and stiff. the rest is pretty sweet. maybe some more fake GI. also for me the floor looks to much like plastic as well. i fin dthe images at the walls pretty good.


it is ugly