An Alien World

Sorry to anyone who was waiting for me to start posting these individual renders, I’ve been really busy with school and other projects. I’ll be posting a bunch of them individually soon but people seemed most interested in this one overall so it’s first in line! This was day 19 of 30, and it’s probably the single biggest scene I made in that month.

If you want to see the whole gallery click here: A Month of Art

Technical/artistic breakdown

Creation time: roughly 10 hours in one day

Renderer: EEVEE

Post processing: None, except for EEVEE’s default bloom.

When I started this I wanted to make something involving the moon/planets in the sky, but I didn’t know what. So I just focused on making a generator that could make pretty planets and blend them with the sky. After I finished that I was really unsure what I wanted to do with the rest of the scene, but I needed to finish in the next few hours so I just started making stuff. I created a primary shader that uses a depth value to blend into the background, hence why the finally scene looks so soft and misty in the distance. I made the rocks using a simple procedural displacement system I created with modifiers on blobby base meshes. The rocks don’t look great but it’s all I had time for. For the rest of the scene I just started making quick abstract alien plants and distributing them using a particle system. That’s really all there was to it, just lots of particles and variations on a few simple shaders! I did create a few more unique details though like the glowing butterflies, which I made using Ian Hubbert’s moth tutorial ( ). I wanted to make some other creatures but I couldn’t think of much I could pull off in the time I had. So I settled for a few subtle details like the silhouetted bird in the sky and the glowing eyes peaking out of a cave on the right side!

Overall it was a crazy ambitious thing to make from scratch in a single day, but projects like this teach me how to cut corners while still getting a pretty image. That’s a very useful skill to have when cramming to finish a wild idea before the deadline on an art challenge!!!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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