An apology...

I have said in one of my previous posts that some things in blender sucks. Yesterday I have downloaded both manuals (65MB witch taked some time on my 56k) insted of downloading partial things like I have practiced untill now, and readed a lot of stuff from them (unforutunatley, they are not updated for 2.41 version, yet) and I’m amazed with them.
I still think that some things in blender could be a lot better (interface is still problematic for us, new users) but I shoudn’t said that that sucks and offend some of of you with my words. So sorry about that.

Now I’ll go and learn C++, buy Visual C++, download Blender’s sources and change all things that I don’t like and then continue to learn Blender. So c ya in a 5-6 years :slight_smile: Joking :slight_smile:


Takes a big man to make a post like that. Now you’re really welcome!


Very good! Very good! I appreciate your respect for the endless hours the creaters worked on Blender. What a different place it would be if they gave up when things didn’t work!



I’ve said that too once over at the developers forum. That’s because I thought that Blender sucks because of those numerous “1 lamp” newbie pics everywhere. But then I bought Digital: Lighting and Rendering and it clicked right away. Blender doesn’t suck! It is as good as any 3D package out there. Yes, even with the out dated render engine. Because what I learned from that book was that Hollywood style renders could be achieved in any scanline render package that has at least the basic lamp types.


There are two main places I recommend for new people:

The Wiki Manual
An excellent PDF book discussed in this Blendernation website:

I hope this helps.