An easy way to make a Rose FLower in Bender

(ameen) #1

Here is an easy way to create a Rose Flower in Blender.

Hope it will benefit for u

(kazinger) #2

That is easy. The music also. some real take me home music. Thanks

(cerfribar) #3

a nice tutorial and also an interesting way to build the rose.

(tildee) #4

Hey, very interesting solution. Thank you for that.
I didn’t knew about the strokes can become splines become meshes. I’ll think about it and what can be done with this…

(blendercomp) #5

neat! :slight_smile:
I imagine that using a reference image do draw the initial strokes would make it even more accurate

(guitartom47) #6

This needs to be bumped to the top so here’s my first try. something I never even thought I’d be able to do.

(ameen) #7

After a year I see now this one… This is very good. :stuck_out_tongue:

(rolexmanhdung) #8

A great video tutorials