An egg

So I photographed an egg and mapped it to a simple mesh. Just a little AO and here’s what I got!

Render time 10 minutes. (and 6 seconds lol) The reason it took so long was because I used raytrace AO because I couldn’t get a good enough result with approximate. But I just discovered that I you lower the “Error” value, you can get almost idencital results with like 5 seconds of render time.



It looks really nice. I like the texture. Maybe you could design like a egg nest for it?

Sweet! Nice egg. Now you should lower the spec. a bit and give a carton and some buddies.

All in all nice work! Two thumbs up!:D;)

Armen: Thank you :smiley: Good idea about the nest.

YoungApprentice: Thank you as well! About specularity, there is no spec or hard values set on the egg material. That bright spot is from the texture! I need to work on my photography :smiley: I just got a crazy idea and quickly tryed it.

And here’s a new render: Any tips for reducing that dark shading at the bottom of the egg surface caused by the AO? Thanks!


This a very simple image. Cant you make a complex model with Blender? Try 3ds Max or Zbrush!


Cant you make a complex model with Blender?
Yes I can make more complex images. This was just a simple test. :confused:

Can anyone give me a tip on how to reduce that dark shading on the bottom of the egg? Thanks.

haha yeah give it a still-life scene. that would look awesome. Good egg by the way.

Robo3d don’t mind endi he doesn’t really mean it. Kick that dark edge out with a lamp set below the egg, on low power, with spec and shadows turned off on it. Nice egg, you could use photoshop or gimp’s clone stamp tool + blur tool to kill that glare on your texture- when in doubt…paint it!

Markero: Thanks and welcome to the forums! :smiley:

N00BIE: Lol we all love endi’s sense of humor lol… Thanks for the tip on lighting. And thanks too for the tip about GIMP, I will use that :slight_smile:

More renders coming soon!

So here’s the same egg, but using soft shadows not AO.

And a white egg with soft shadows :slight_smile:


WOW that clone tool works really well! Thanks N00BIE :smiley: Here’s Mr. Egg without that nasty glare.


Nice Job, Your eggs must be magical because they are floating like a centimeter off the ground…I think…maybe not. Now that it doesn’t have the glare try bringing the spec up so there is a little bit of a reflection.

Avenger96: Thanks!

they are floating like a centimeter off the ground…I think
I will check that.

try bringing the spec up so there is a little bit of a reflection.
Good idea, I will do that.

Here we go. Just a little spec.


even that it simple it still looks great and very realistic. Probably good practice too.

the problem with the spec is the lighting, it look like you have a very “frontal” lighting approach which is giving it the classic camera flash badness, dont put any lights near the camera, just a rim light, behind the egg opposite from the camera, a keylight pointing to one side of the leg,left or right (most power) and then a diffuse light which would be to the other side of the egg but low power.

Armen: Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

Brados33: When you say “classic camera flash badness” are you talking about my texture photography or the in Blender scene? My lighting set up was this: 1 hemi lamp pointing directly at the egg from the front set to no specular. 1 spot set directly above the egg (ray turned on) and casting the soft shadow down on it (set to only shado). And finally a simple lamp set to no diffuse to shine some spec on to the egg. What is the problem with the spec?

EDIT: Here’s some spec changes. I think this is the closest to “realistic” that I’ve gotten so I’m happy :smiley:


wow, I think that’s look almost like a real egg. Really nice.


lol thanks Armen that is cool when people mistake CG for real photography (I do it all the time lol)

And here’s my pure white egg with the other brown ones. Also soft shadow set to 20 to basically “fake” AO.