An era of time (dusk & dawn)

Here`s my latest personal project, AN ERA OF TIME ( DUSK & DAWN ) on which I aimed to achieve the sunset to sunrise effect, Based on the painting reference by the artist Nikolaev Yury (which I found surfing the internet). I didn’t follow the exact reference but tweaked it according to my perspective. High & low poly model done in Maya, wax sculpt in Zbrush. Texturing did in substance 3d painter most of the detail achieve through heightmap, texture size is 4K with Udims in substance painter.

RENDERED IN BLENDER WITH EVEE ENGINE: Compositing, particle effects with DOF, lighting, shaders can easily connect to udim’s, and most important I didn’t compromise with texture size which was 4k around 50 combined maps, and surprisingly it took just 28 sec to render the highest quality which I loved the most. It was challenging to get the aura that I wanted to do with lights, haze, particles effects, etc, but quite interesting, and enjoyed learning, exploring & implementing.

Behind the scene.
Shaded render_01

Shaded render_02

Shaded render with wireframe

scence setup -overall wireframe , lights ,haze, particles

shader material (Prinsiple BSDF) with udims.

Uvlayout of one asset.


Amazing stuff here you did! Great organized using different tools for this kind of “small” but “meaningful” project. ))
P.s.: Can you also do wireframe renders and behind the scene also too? ))

Thankyou Odilkhan!!
Sure will share soon.

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This looks great! Nice job

Thanks, Weisl !!

Finally someone who take time to describe his project even if
the image already talk for itself. I like this work very well done
and inspiring at the same time.
BTW it deserve a little animation even in a lower resolution
as it is eevee should be quick.

Great Job anyway !

Hey sharly,
I am glad that you have liked my work !! Thank you & I really appreciate the feedback. will try to do it.

Great work in every aspect.

Thank You!! :innocent:

Very simple in design, but a smart choice of attractive attributes. Very nicely done :+1:, especially the lighting and the atmosphere. Beautiful result. :ok_hand:

Great work, congrats.

Thank you ! :innocent:

Thank you!!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you Bart veldhuizen ! that means a lot to me :innocent: :blush:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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It’s awesome. Congratulations!

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I’ve forgotten how beautiful still life can be. You’ve done gorgeous work!