An idea for a texture mapping script

We know the basic texture mappings: cubic, spherical, cylindrical. The way we apply these mappings with the panels could be more intuitive so i had this idea of an interactive texture mapping.

Heres some use cases.

  1. The user adds a texture mapped sphere to the scene. It’s like adding a uv shpere or the other type of sphere but Blender asks for a texture to apply to it and the shpere will be automatically uv mapped when added to the scene.

  2. The user moves this sphere to the center of another 3d object that will be uv mapped by this sphere object. Selects both the uv mapped sphere and the 3d object to be texture, after rotating the sphere to an apropreate angle and selects a script to apply uv coordinates (and texture/material if required) from object A to object B.

There are several advantages about using such a method. Object A can be anything, a cube, a shpere, a cylinder. Object A can also be rotated visualy above object B and the user can have a very good idea of how the texture will be applied.

Alternatively the user may select a group of faces on object A and a group of faces on object B and limit the operation of applying only to/from the selected faces.

The projection would be work like this (im not a cg expert so take this with a grain of salt): a ray would be drawn from the center of object B, passing from every vertex of this object and intersecting somewhere the surface of object A using the world transfom (or optionaly other choices) to determine the UV coordinate intersected in object A and apply it to the object A vertex.

What do you guys think of this method?

It looks like a good idea to me, but I suspect that the “object” mapping option just does the same (besides the fact that it doesn’t assign uv coordinates, so it could be very usefull in the end :)).

“I suspect that the “object” mapping option just does the same…”

Could you show me where this is and how it works?