An idea from a free game

look at the 4 shadows, they overlap when the body is near to the ground and the effect that is created is really similar to the ambient occlusion. Is it possible to use a similar technique to fake ambient occlusion?

4 spotlights set to shadow only and parented to the player should do the trick.

However, I believe that a better way to do ambiant occlusion is to have a plane (or possibly 6) that scales and takes its alpha value from the players distance to other objects.

you can have a lamp inside the charecter with its properties inverted, to make it dark, here is a tutorial i made:

Alternately you could use an SSAO script, and have actual ambient occlusion in your game.

i tried something like that but it doesn’t work on with glsl enabled

i tried your method and it works, but is there a way to make it darker?

turn the energy up

problem, i’ve attached the pictures. the first one is what happens when i press the p button, the second one is in the game engine before i press the p. what do you think is the problem?


Same thing that happens to 8mike is happening to me. The lamp still emits light in the GE, even when negative is on.

only 248a-down and 25-up do negative lighting, just another weirdness.