An I'm jus busy her licken th cats butt

Yup, Thas it. Yum!

Appose the person above you.

That is, whatever they say, you must disagree. You gotta have a valid argument, or you get banned. Or you have to guess the initials, or you get kille…cough cough…killed by the beast of Caerbannog!!!

Hair ball…drink anyone, I need a drink!?!

You gatta quit likN tha kitties BUTT man. You R gettN hairballs on the brain and that will make you craZy.
It iz 2 early N the year for this. It ain’t winter time up north yet and U iZn’t snow bound yet.

SO go back 2 likN yuZ iZ own balzz, better fer ya health and mind!

Man, You’Ve StIll GoT to fIx tHe DaMn CommaS in YoUr sIgnAtuRe.

ThE cAkE iS a LiE.

Jesus man. I got to hand it to you. You never give up do you. Your driving me freakin nutZ!
You need to accept the fact that I’m just a dumb ol redneck and I ain’t aZ smert as you.
So I’ll fix it.(I never look at that sig anyway. So I never noticed. Ha)