An object that I don't know where it came from

(I’m fairly new so I’m not very good at blender)

So when I do a render of my scene, there is this semi sphere object that appears, it might have been something I created a while ago but deleted, because when I look through every layer I cannot find the object. It is not in any of my 3D viewports, but when I render it is there. What is happening?

I’m sure you’ve probably already done this, but in the top right where all your objects are, scroll though and see if any of the eye balls are unchecked, but the camera isn’t. That would mean you won’t see it in the viewport but will in the render. Or, press this “~” button on your keyboard and then “alt+h” to unhide everything. The “~” shows all layers at once. Probably wrong but worth a shot lol.