An odd thing happened between 2.80 beta and 2.80 release

Hi all,

In the screen shot I have an image I rendered in Blender 2.80 beta. In the second shot, I loaded my project in Blender 2.80 release (via Steam) and now the reflections from my mirrored walls are being distorted. I’m using Principled BSDF shader for the walls set to white, full metallic… while trying to figure out the issue I also set Specular to 1.0. I’m trying to get my floor reflections flat again.

Thank you,

Can you visually mark whats distorted and what is the desired result of these images?

Notice how the reflected pillars are straight in the upper image?

Hi Anaho,

What I’m trying to work back to is the upper image. The floors in the reflections are flat, the pillars are straight up and down. In the second image you can see the floors are bulging up. It’s like the mirrors are bent, in reality, they are totally flat.

Update: I still don’t know what caused the issue but deleting and recreating each mirror wall appears to be correcting the issue.

So, this is corrected.

Thanks everyone!

If you are interested to find the cause of it you can report anything here.

It really helps when simple users find gems like this which would result into further fixes.

Might have been bent normals on the walls, that is the geometry data might have gotten messed up somehow. Normals would indeed affect the reflections off of the surface, so at least it is certainly plausible.