An Old house

After a short break from blender i’m back and i’m starting off with a new render of a Old House which is inspired from a image i found on google,which if i can find it i will proved link.

I’m happy with it so far but the image looks a bit flat and the grass is not great, but then again it was created in cycles, so if anyone one know how i could i’m prove it i would be very grateful!

You need a more obvious light source. The background says it’s from the back, but when I look to the house, it looks like a hemi light…

This looks great! I really like all the texture. I agree with Apptux about the light, though. And I wish I could help with the grass, but the last time I made it was with 2.49b, so I don’t know how to work it with Cycles. I think the texture of the grass is pretty okay, though. It just needs to be in less obvious tufts.