An old livingroom

Hello, I am newbie in this forum. Sorry me if my english is not good enough because I live in a spanish speaking country, Cuba. I have been developing in Blender for a very short time, I really love and I want to share my time learning from you. Thanks in advanced.


It look good, just the speaker at the right side look like a flower or something like that.

really nice, man. maybe add some cobwebs?

Great work carlosms! Keep at it! Cobwebs would be a nice touch I agree. A couple things I would try to improve on are:

  1. The render looks unrealistically grainy
  2. The floor does not look as weathered as the rest of the scene
  3. Everything looks very diffuse, making the scene feel less realistic.

hm, I agree about the floor looking a bit wrong. the boards are old, but the wear pattern is wrong. the wear would occur mostly in areas where there is high traffic, and less around say the base of the walls.