An old tractor – Ursus C-45

(SirGagarin) #1


First, let me introduce myself. My name is Paweł Adamowicz and I am a student of Technical University in Łódź, Poland (Computer Graphics faculty). I’ve started my adventure with 3D graphics nearly 3 years ago, but it was no sooner than a year ago when I discovered Blender. I was struggling with 3DSMax before but it was painful and unsuccessful process - with Blender it went much smoother, especially, that there’s plenty of tutorials on the Internet.

That’s all about me, let’s get back to the topic. This Ursus C-45 tractor was the first model which I made from start to the finish in Blender. As references I used some photos from the web and a crude side-blueprint from a hobby magazine. Later, I made the model a playground for procedural textures tests. I’ve also succeeded to prepare it for future use in animation (some constraints added to make the steering wheel affect front wheels and the turnout mechanism; the same made with the seat affecting the spring beneath it).
Please, do not hesitate to point out any shortcomings of the model.

(GRoss) #2

Really good for your 1st post!

…Welcome to the forums by the way!

(Frank the Smith) #3

…Welcome indeed…always good to see interesting machines …be looking for more

(Morio) #4

The model itself looks very good, but the textures are a bit off. Everything looks so clean and shiny, even the rusty areas.

(Tuism) #5

very good (although i can’t make something good like that) and welcome abord
i think that the tires should be a little bit harder.

keep up the good work

(Saypen) #6

nice modeling and texturing, though the whole thing looks like its been drenched in oil… perhaps turn the spec down a bit on everything and add a normal map to the rusty bits? Also the back wheel needs to have a more defined shape, perhaps add a bevel modifier?

(spacetug) #7

the materials and textures don’t hold up a candle to the modeling…

(SirGagarin) #8

Thanks for comments. Well, texturing was always my weak point. Now, I have some free time so I’ll use it to fix the back wheels mesh and experiment with new materials – this time using phototextures. I’ll post the result, provided there will be any improvement.