An Original Space Opera Series

(Daniel) #1

I’ll be doing a three-dimensional space opera, science fiction adventure series in Blender, which is going to be made when I’m done with my original space opera book series.

What I’m looking for help, are these:

  1. Voice Actors
    My humanoid alien and human characters will be needed voice acting. If any of you are exceptional skilled with science fiction, contact me via private message and I’ll respond back to you.

  2. VFX Artist
    I’ll need one special effects artist who can do the shots of the various ships. The shots are to be green, blue, and red. If an After Effects user want to be in the project, contact me in a PM and I’ll let you know when the first episode is done.

  3. Soundtracks and Sound Effects
    I’ll need these two of the four important things for the animated series, for the project once I’m either 36 or 37. Keep in mind, that this is a non-profit volunteer work. The reason I’ve got these two together, is for some other things I’d like not to mention.

If you’re interested in this project, as I don’t think that I can make an Eragon remake in any way, then I’ll appreciate it if you want to help me and another person who’s going to make this a reality.

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