Anaglyph mode(script)BGE 2.49b

Anaglyph mode script for BGE 2.49b
3d_mod.blend (129 KB)

Cool! I’ve been wondering where glasses support has been. Thanks alot!

Ahh, dynamically switching on and off stereo mode :D.
Cool idea :yes:

If you put it into a module, you can have it in one file only ;).


i’m don’t know how to write a modules

It is similar to Scripts.

all you need is:

  • the file need a .py extention
  • put your code into a BGE callable function
  • the BGE callable functions have zero or one parameter which is the executing (current) controller.


def switchOn(cont):
  print ("Switched on %" % (
def switchOFF(cont):
  print ("Switched on %" % (
def justPrint():
  print ("just printing")

Noy you switch your Python controller to Module mode and enter :
Module: MyModule.switchOn

Just module name + ‘.’ + function name .

You will love it :wink: