Anaglyph question : render a 3D anaglyph image onto a single file

Hi everyone, I’m quite a newbie in Blender (2 years more or less) and, a fan of 3D anaglyph.
I’m planning to make an anaglyph animation in Blender. Sadly, when I render an anaglyph image in Blender I can see it on the screen as an anaglyph image with red/blue differences, but when I export it, automatically I get two seperate images (one for the left eye/ one for the right eyes) . I can turn them into a single analgyph image in photoshop for instance, but with a sequence of something like 30 seconds that would get very time consuming. Can anyone point me to the right technique to get directly onto my hard drive a JPG image with an anaglyph composed image.

Please forgive my poor English.

I just turned on Passes > Views > Stereo 3D and got analglyph in view as well as a rendered version after pressing f12.
I’m not sure what you might be doing wrong?

Ahh, in output render settings make sure that you choose Stereo 3D instead of individual for render.